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seedot.com CEBIT, award, Best Practice 2006, BestPractice-IT special award for the highest level of customer benefits achieved, This award is presented to the company which achieves the maximum direct or indirect benefit for their customers using their particular solution,
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS

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DocBuilder (Document Manager) seedot CMS® (Content Management System)


seedot DocBuilder allows non-technical users to easily create and manage online documents. Whether it’s software training manuals, how-to guides, company documents, employee handbooks, website manuals, tech specs or something else, seedot DocBuilder makes posting your information online easier than it’s ever been.

You don’t even have to worry about uploading files or knowing HTML! seedot DocBuilder automatically creates the HTML pages and updates existing documents whenever you make a change. With seedot DocBuilder’s easy to use, web based interface just about anyone can add or edit documentation in just a few minutes.

seedot DocBuilder is your complete solution for creating and managing documentation on your website. seedot DocBuilder gives you the tools you need to create online documentation easily!

Key Features

  • All in one solution for building and maintaining online documentation.
  • Supports multiple ’document groups’.
  • Great for training manuals, intranets, employee handbooks, etc.
  • Supports both administrative and regular users.
  • WYSIWYG editor (like MS Word) (Internet Explorer 5.5+ for Windows)



  • Easy to install. We do it for you for free.
  • Let users build online documentation on your website, no HTML required.
  • The administration/publishing interface is web browser-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • The site design can be completely customized.
  • Customize the the administration interface or translate it into another language. You've got complete control. 

Document Group Features

  • Add, modify, or remove categories of documents.
  • Search for categories by keywords.
  • Define the following for categories: Group Name, Group Subheading, Publish Directory

Document Manager Features

  • Organize categories in any order you like. Move them up or down in the list.
  • Search for documents by keyword.
  • Add, modify, or erase documents.
  • Define the parent document to create subsections.
  • Documents can be written in plain text or full HTML.
  • Documents can be bold.
  • WYSIWYG editor (like MS Word) (Internet Explorer 5.5+ for Windows)

Setup Options

  • Customize the administration system to personalize it for a client.
  • Remove confirmations to streamline the administration for advanced users.
  • Set up multiple users with different permissions: Regular Users or Administrators.

Login Screen
seedot DocBuilder includes a password protected login screen. This will ensure you that all of your documentation is secure from unwanted users. It's simple, you just enter in your login name and special password. You will instantly be granted access to update your documentation.

Document Manager
seedot DocBuilder's Document Manager makes it easy to get the "big picture" of how your documentation is laid out and formatted. From here you can create, edit and delete pages of documentation.
Add a Document
When creating a new page, simply enter in the document's text and click save. The content is instantly updated to the website.

Published Pages
With seedot DocBuilder you'll never have to worry about tedious FTP uploads and HTML changes, you can easily update the document from your browser, saving you time and minimizing the amount of work needed.


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