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seedot.com CEBIT, award, Best Practice 2006, BestPractice-IT special award for the highest level of customer benefits achieved, This award is presented to the company which achieves the maximum direct or indirect benefit for their customers using their particular solution,
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS

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Auto Manager seedot CMS® (Content Management System)


seedot Auto Manager ® is an easy to install web content management solution used for showcasing Vehicle Listings. Whether you are building or operate a website for an independent salesperson, a dealership, private sales or selling on consignment, seedot Auto Manager ® allows non-technical users and salespersons to quickly create and publish vehicle listings to their website, using only their browser.

Easy enough for any dealership or salesperson to operate, Auto Manager makes managing and selling automobiles online simple. Users easily log into the program and create listings by entering a vehicle’s information into a group of fields. (E.g. color, engine size, mileage, etc) Once a user clicks save, the listing is instantly updated to the website. Prospective buyers can now view listings that match the criteria they are searching for, and inquire about the vehicle they are interested in.

seedot Auto Manager ® is designed with the end user in mind. seedot Auto Manager ® is a "must have" for any dealership that is marketing vehicles online or is going to get online soon.



Easy to install. We do it for you for free.
Allows individual users (agents) to maintain their individual listings on a website. Admin/publishing interface is web browser-based, so it can be accessed from anywhere.
Use ready-to-go Automobile database fields.
The site design can be completely customized.

Listings Editor

Individual users can add new listings without any HTML/FTP knowledge.
Add new listings, modify existing listings or delete a listing.
Search through existing listings by keyword in the administration system.
Listings contain a default set of fields specific to the industry - or customize the fields to suit your specific needs.
Default Auto fields: Vehicle, Year, Price, Drive Train, Transmission, Body, Doors, Engine, Cruise, Tilt, A/C, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows, Power Locks, Power Seats, Stereo, Description, Type, Color, Miles.
Default Generic fields: Listing Name, Item Number, Price, Preview Description, Full Description, Availability, Sizes.
Upload unlimited images for each listing.
Supports a recommended maximum of 2,000 listings.
Link to 3rd party mapping software, like Yahoo MapsTM

Homepage Editor

Each user (agent) can be given a homepage. They can update their page without any knowledge, of HTML, FTP or programming.
Homepages contain the following default fields: Specialty, Background, Phone, Fax, Cellular, Pager, Email.
Change the name and data type of any existing field and add additional custom fields up to a total of 50 homepage fields.
Upload up to 10 images to associate with the homepage.

Search Engine Features

Customizable Templates - Customize the HTML templates to match your website.
Customizable Fields - Customize the search engine to search by your preferred fields.
Search by range. (e.g. Show all listings with between $100,000 and $150,000 dollars)
Search by keyword - Show all listings that match the keyword.
Search by sales person - Show all listings by a specific sales person.
Sort Order - Show results sorted by any field. (ie. year)
Results per page - Control how many results are shown on each search results page.
Mark New Listings - New listings can be shown with NEW icon or text by listing.
Show New Listings - Option to show only new listings added in the last X days.
Field Matching or Index Searching: permits searches by display number or catalogue listing.
Feature Based Searches: permits searches on specific criteria. (bedrooms, bathrooms, view, etc)
Set the search engine to output the content into special templates. Use this feature to create multilingual sites, or maintain both commercial/residential property in the same database.

User Manager

Software administrator can add, modify, and erase users.
Search for users by keyword.
User fields consist of: Full Name, Login Name, Login Password, Access Level (Regular User, Administrator, Superuser), Account Created, Account Expiry, Max Listings Allowed, Display in Hometown Index, Specify Homepage Filename, Notes.
Add unlimited users to the system.

Setup Options

Define custom fields.
Republish all listings, homepages, or entire site.
Choose how many fields are listed per page.
Sorting options.
Customize format of administration system to personalize it for a website.
Setup different directory locations from defaults.
Adjust server/local times.

Login Screen
Auto Manager includes a password protected login screen. Only authorized users can add listings.

Listings Editor
This is the interface you use to manage all of your listings. Add/delete or modify a listing from this menu.

Edit a Listing
Creating new listings allows you to keep your dealership website fresh and up to date for your visitors and potential vehicle buyers. It’s simple, you just enter in the listings information and click save. The listing is instantly updated to the website.

Search Engine
When visitors come to the website they can easily find the car they’re looking for. When the visitor clicks "search listings" all vehicles that match the criteria they entered will be displayed. As always, all listings templates can be customized to suit the look and feel of your website.

Search Results
Visitors can now browse through a list of search results which match their ideal car. What’s even better, they can select a specific listing to see a detailed description of the car.

Detailed Listing
When a customer clicks to full description of the car if their choice, they can research the vehicle in detail and contact the sales person for more information. Your vehicle listings will always be up to date. 

Edit Listing Fields
Admin users can easily modify the database fields used by Auto Manager, or add new ones. Use the field editor to customize for the information that you want to offer, the way you want to present it.


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