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seedot.com CEBIT, award, Best Practice 2006, BestPractice-IT special award for the highest level of customer benefits achieved, This award is presented to the company which achieves the maximum direct or indirect benefit for their customers using their particular solution,
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS
seedot.com offer more than services - we offer SOLUTIONS

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seedot Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)®

All you need and want to optimize your business processes, is seedot ERP®

The forthcoming presenting of the Best Practice-IT Special Award 2006 for the highest level of customer benefits achieved of CEBIT Hanover on 10 March, 2006 is a deserved worldwide recognition of our level of service, individual approach to the customers and the optimum solutions we create for them.

What is seedot ERP®

In short, seedot ERP® is a combination of: The best business management practices and modern technologies allowing integration of the information technologies in the basic business processes of the company to improve its results.

• a system for your company’s resources management, integrating all business aspects – production, sales, marketing, planning, inventories control, orders monitoring, customers servicing, finance and human resource management;
• a software solution used to carry out the day-to-day business operations, usually consisting of several modules – financial, production, marketing, etc. Each module uses the information kept in a common database (thus eliminating the possibility for data duplicating);
Implementation of seedot ERP® may be partial or complete, with special investigation of all business processes of the company being necessary in each individual case.

Why seedot ERP®

The difference between seedot ERP® and the other types of information systems (accounting, warehouse, sales monitoring, etc.) lies in the use of common database for the different modules;
• it ensures minimum maintenance costs;
• is updated as easily as possible;
• information reliability;
• if necessary, seedot ERP® may be integrated in any information system specific of a certain type of business when inevitable or required.

The advantages of seedot ERP®

There are many ways in which seedot ERP® can improve the work of any company. Integration of the various business processes in the organization will inevitably result in increasing the company’s competitive power and financial indexes, respectively. Among the main advantages proved by the experience of the companies having implemented seedot ERP®, are:

• Better control on invoicing and payments processing;
• Reducing the number and volume of the documents on paper carrier;
• Drastic reduction of the timelimits for searching and providing of information;
• More accurate, detailed and better presented information;
• Improving the expenses control;
• Faster reaction to the customers’ inquiries and improvement of their overall servicing;
• Increasing the company’s productivity without increasing the number of staff;
• More efficient receivables collection;
• Better control and solving of problems of any nature in the various business processes;
• A possibility for faster reaction to the market environment changes and business operations;
• Acquiring of indisputable advantage by improving the business processes;
• Improvement of the supply/demand interaction with the company’s distant branches;
• Unification of the customers database;
• Improvement of the in-house activities through maintaining various taxation structures, invoicing schemes, currencies, languages and reporting periods;
• Improvement of the access to the information and management.

Implementation of seedot ERP® is no longer perceived as an IT project but rather as an overall initiative (IT solution) having an effect on all elements of the company’s business processes. Seedot ERP® is the solution which has successfully established itself and is valid not only for the big international organizations but for a growing circle of users including SME.

The implementation of seedot ERP® should be regarded as a business project with specific IT solution, providing a possibility for reconsidering the business processes and for a change in the way of work by using IT.

Factors for the success and implementation of seedot ERP®

A few years ago the price of these systems was unaffordable for most companies. The good news is that with seedot ERP® you can now afford it. The very process of implementing seedot ERP® is faster, which results in lower costs of ERP successful project realization.

• Clearly defined objectives;
• Specifying a realistic date for the project realization;
• MAXIMUM product personalization;
• seedot ERP® has been developed to precisely meet the company’s needs and business processes;
• Individual approach to each company complying with its business processes;
• A balanced team for the project realization ( consultants and company’s staff);
• Assuming of responsibility and commitment for implementation of the planned changes.

To be able to make optimum and maximum use of seedot ERP®, the company’s managers and their staff should have a detailed preliminary discussion with us, so that we could optimize and know all business processes, their potential, advantages and weak points.
The management’s real involvement is a key factor for the project realization. Very often the company’s managers think that once a decision has been taken on the implementation of seedot ERP®, their participation in the project can be put aside. Such behavior inevitably affects the quality of implementation and the results achieved, respectively. The management and staff’s involvement ensures a smooth step-by-step implementation of seedot ERP®.

Last but not least, we should mention the frequent problems in the staff training for the new system operation.  For one reason or another, the change of the status quo is perceived negatively by many people who deliberately or not obstruct the project realization.  The management team should very well prepare the staff for the forthcoming changes, which will certainly help the successful implementation of the system. Our know-how in this situation is working together with the staff and the management team for the purpose of setting up a system optimized to the highest degree, easily and quickly operated even without the need of training. It is just easy enough to use!

Please contact us at support@seedot.com if you or your organization are interested in developing a corporate relationship with seedot.com®.

We look forward to talking with you!

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