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Price: 199 EURO Prices from 799 EURO Prices from 1399 EURO Prices from 1999 EURO Prices vary upon the complexity. is an independent company, founded and registered in Bulgaria in March 1992. provides software development and web design etc upon client's request.

We are a group of professionals working in the design and development industry providing our clients with the service you wish you were getting.

We are a full service agency providing corporate design, web design, web development and digital solutions.

Our work wins awards and our clients rest easy. We are not precious about what we do although some consider us to be. Dedicated is probably a better description - we are dedicated to getting our work done to the highest standards without making too much fuss about it.


General Manager and Founder of is Dimitar Dimitrov

Staff: 10


What are the advantages of our Solutions?
Cost Hiring software engineer is extremely high. Beside salaries that are commonly about $45,000—$80,000 per year, there are other costs as well, such as:

  • Vacation pay
  • Overtime pay
  • Sick pay
  • Training
  • Medical Insurance
  • FICA and other payroll costs
  • Miscellaneous General benefits
  • Office space and associated overhead

Overall, a software engineer on staff can cost well over $60,000—$100,000 per year, and there are no guarantees of expertise or retention.

With you are saved off expensive costs. Our rates are $7—12 per hour, depending on complexity of a task order, and there are no other hidden costs. Our stuff is accessible 24x7, and have all necessary equipment and tools. For each project we establish a test environment so the customer can view and control development process at any milestone from anywhere in the world.

Contact us for more detailed information about our terms and conditions.



Very high specialized qualification - university graduates in IT and Software development

Object-oriented programming experience

System administration experience


Ability to work in team

Good command of English, Russian, German and Bulgarian Language


WHAT WE OFFER OUR CLIENTS can offer you software development upon client's request solving various problems and which can be widely used.

Besides standard management information system (MIS) we have worked out various types of designs [ projects ] such us:

1. Interactive multimedia CD-ROM, revealing the product and services, supplied by a given company, institution, non-profit organisation etc.

2. Statistical date process and analysing software, applicable for marketing research studies on local or global level throughout Internet.

3. Working out projects for mathematical moulding, engineering designs and planing.

4. Entertainment - computer games, animation, creating art galleries etc.

5. Windows based application software development.

6. Transformation of clients' DOS platform programs into Windows platform programs

7. Web Design

8. 2D and 3D ads commercial animation

9. 2D and 3D animations

10. Design of advertising audio-video CD-ROM's

11. Design of books on CD

12. Web Programming

13. Working out various types of decision supporting systems - the "what if" types of decisions.





Requesting a Quote on a Project web design, web development, b2c, b2b web system

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