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seedot.com is a web design and web development studio Bulgaria, website design company Bulgaria, flash web design, graphic design company in Bulgaria, flash website design studio Bulgaria, flash web design, and graphic design company in Bulgaria for utmost Internet success. An Multimedia Agency specialising in Internet Services, Web Design, CD Rom, Video and Presentations based in Sofia Bulgaria. We combine a broad range of services including business management, marketing, graphic design and IT in order to provide you with a professional and personal service, Web development and design,asp, php and delphi projects, download programs, info and resume, professional sites and programing


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In order to accomplish your objectives, we must first understand your business. Who is your target market? Who is your competition? How would you like to differentiate your company? What are your long term goals? The answers to these questions form the core of a successful design solution.
On completion of the research, we begin to organise and analyse the information gathered. By studying the research, the competition and emerging trends in the marketplace we provide design options for differentiation in the market. The plan to achieve your goals and objectives is now developed.
In the design stage we begin to create visual solutions. It is fundamental that the initial stages have produced the desired information in order to be able to deliver unique designs that effectively communicate the company message. At this stage the designs are submitted for evaluation and approval.
Refinement and fine tuning of design visuals' begin this stage. Once the design concepts have been finalised, production begins. It is essential that continuous communication is maintained between the Production Manager and client during all stages of the production process. Additional stages may be required depending on project size.


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