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Program of the National Scientific Conference on:

. Ancient Bulgarian Civilization- Bases for Formation of the Medieval Bulgarian Culture.

15 February, room 210, Faculty of Chemisry of University of Sofia

14:00 -Openning

Invited lectures (Chair Prof. B. Toshev)
14:15 - D. Il. Dimitrov Pan- European Genetic Project (Results and Importance. Bulgarian Overview.)
15:00 - Y. Shopov- Bulgarian State Tradition during Centuries (from the Flood till now)
15:45 -Discussion
16:15-17:00 Coffee
Invited lectures (Chair D. Il. Dimitrov)
17:00 -G. Kitov- Tracian Tombs
17:45 - P. Dimitrov, D. P. Dimitrov- Black see, the Flood and Bible myths.
18:30 - Discussion
19:00 -Slide Projection

16 February, room 601, Faculty of Chemisry of University of Sofia
Thematic sections:
1. Origin, religion and state tradition (Chair prof. P. Dimitrov)
9:00 - Y. Shopov, T. Yalamov- Ancient Protobulgarian Religion and its Influence on the Religions in Middle Asia.
9:20 -E. Dimitrova. Vedic Paradigma- Opened
9:40 - Y. Shopov- Earliest Written Data for Appearance of Protobulgarians in Scummer.
10:00 -D. Alexandrov- Bulgarian Rullers before Khan Kubrat.

2. Language of the Ancient Bulgarians (Chair Dr. Y. Shopov)
11:00 -Y. Shopov et al. Computer Analysis of the Family Names in Sofia City for Tracing of Rare and Ancient Words from Protobulgarian Origin.
11:30 -L. Nenchev- Some Unchanged Words in Bulgarian and Pashtu.
11:50 -M. Popgancheva- Similar Words and Sentences in Bulgarian and Nepaly.
12:10 - G. Khnkanosyan.- Similar Words in Bulgarian and Persian.
12:30 - V. Mladenova. Language of the Asparuh Bulgarians and its remains in spoken Bulgarian.
12:50- 14:00 lunch

3. Archeology, Civilization and Calendar (Chair Dr.G. Kitov)
14:00 -V. Ilinkina- Encoded knowledge for curing form VII-th Millenium BC to X AD in Bulgarian lands.
14:30 -B. Pavlov- Resettlement of the Early Bulgarians in East Europe in the end of VIth- beginning of VII-th AD.
14:50 -T. Yalamov- Studies of the Volga Bulgaria in Samara City Region.
15:10 -A. Stoev- Types of Archeoastronomical Centers in Bulgaria.
15:30 -V. Umlensky- Some Reconstructions of the Protobulgarian Calendar. For Bisantine Calendar and the Bulgarian Era.
15:50 -B. Shkodrov- The Noah Flood
16:10 4. Discussion and decidions (Chair Dr. Y. Shopov)
Y. Shopov- A New Method for Quantitative Assesment of the Historical Statements.
First results regarding the Origin of Ancient Bulgarians.
17:30 -Closing

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